Fine Herbal Cleanser


Fine Herbal Cleanser


With only 5 ingredients, less really is more! This award-winning, 100% natural formulation is a results-oriented, antibacterial herbal formulation ideal for all skin-types and conditions- from mature to oily, troubled to sensitive- A gently foaming cleanser that thoroughly washes away impurities and excess oil, while serving to maintain your skin’s natural moisture and ph balance. Made with true geranium (different from the scented plant used for ornamentation), lavender, glycerin and natural grain-based witch hazel for use morning and night to thoroughly cleanse prior to applying moisture.

Applications & Benefits:

  • Use alone to cleanse or to mix with Sweet Milk Facial Exfoliates

  • Washes away impurities and excess oil, without ever changing the skin’s natural ph balance or washing away the wanted outer layer of natural oils

  • Naturally fragrant, antibacterial and antiseptic

  • Non-irritating, as it does not contain synthetic surfactants or harsh cleansing agents, soaps or perfumes

  • Excellent for all skin types and conditions

  • Serves to settle the kind of red, inflamed skin conditions that can accompany hormonal imbalances in adults and teens alike (e.g. acne or rosacea)

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