Complexion Conserve


Complexion Conserve


Complexion Conserve is a potent, multi-use herbal serum for firming face and neck. This viscous, vitamin-filled treatment elixir accelerates skin's natural repair process; minimizes pigmentation and inflammation; and restores elasticity to skin in need, whether mature, dehydrated, stressed or sun-damaged. Complexion Conserve is whole, healthy, high-level prevention to restore radiance and vitality to the complexion...whatever your age (or gender!). Use as a nighttime reparative and moisture application; as an under eye treatment to reduce puffiness; or any time to restore a vibrant balance to your complexion.

Applications & Benefits:

  • As a nighttime reparative and moisture application ~ with fingertips, apply approximately 4 drops to entire face & neck. (Best applied when skin is clean and damp)

  • As a corrective to rebalance skin that is under-nourished, dull or oily; mature; or skin that is overly dry due to exposure to heat, sun, wind or cold weather

  • As an under eye treatment to reduce puffiness ~ dab 1-2 drops under eyes & leave on. Wake to skin that is supple, vibrant & firm!

  • Use on brows and lashes to condition and encourage thick, healthy growth

  • Massage into tissue around the mouth to provide a deep, penetrating treatment to smooth fine lines, & to plump & moisten the lips

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